Who We Are

We are the majority of educators in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools joining forces with educational support staff to advocate for all members who work every day to make our public schools great.

Together we:

  • Promote and protect the rights of all certificated and non-certificated members.
  • Create a working environment that ensures that every student receives the support they need to succeed.
  • Initiate and support programs that enhance the professional and economic welfare of all members.
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to take leadership roles in shaping educational policies, such as fair and transparent evaluations, and the push to minimize testing time to maximize learning time.
  • Advocate for initiatives on the district, county, state and federal levels that respect and support the important work of educators and staff.

Board of Directors

Karen Fields, President
Centreville Middle School

Cecilia Mitchell, Vice President
Grasonville Elementary School

Mary Bordley, Vice President
Educational Support Personnel

Stephanie Anthony, Secretary
Kennard Elementary School

Betsie Baer, Treasurer
Office Centreville Middle School

At Large

Michelle Emond, High School
Queen Anne County High School

Mary Meehan, Middle School
Centreville Middle School

Patty de la Cuesta, Elementary School
Grasonville Elementary School