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What We Do

QACEA members are making our schools better places to teach and to learn. QACEA strives to make sure your ideas for improving education are heard and helps resolve problems at work.

Here’s how:

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT — QACEA advocates for policy within QACPS and at the state level to promote the highest level of professional practice while identifying and eliminating policies that are barriers to effective teaching and learning.

NEGOTIATING CONTRACTS — QACEA bargains with the Board of Education over the terms of our contract, including salaries, benefits and working conditions.

TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT — QACEA through a partnership with MSEA and NEA, provides members with the opportunity to engage in a range of workshops relevant to quality classroom instruction.

SOLVING PROBLEMS — QACEA’s experienced uniserve director works with members to solve both individual and school-wide problems.

POLITICAL & LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY — QACEA monitors and lobbies elected officials to ensure their votes benefit students, educators and public education.



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